Tech Tires has been in the business since 1987 but the company underwent an ownership change about 12 years ago. We are a licensed and exclusive distributor of Tech International tire repair materials. Tech International is a family-owned business and the largest repair manufacturer in the world. For years, we have supplied all consumables that are required to keep air in a tire from the wheel out. We also provide hand tools for changing tires, chemical solutions to clean and repair injuries to tires and many other services.

Furthermore, Tech Tires has just been confirmed as New Zealand’s distributor of Pang Tyre repairs too. Our focus is supplying products to tyre reatilers and retreading plants in New Zealand. As of today, we have four sales representatives on North Island and one sales representative on South Island.

At Tech Tires, we uphold an honest reputation that helps us keep a high volume of business even during tough economic times.